Changes to available seats in event
Posted by nascragman

We've had a lot of interest in our charity event NASCRAG - The necRomancer.

For some reason our Main Tournament NASCRAG - Roadie Warriors RPG23ND221104 has lots of available seats in our Thursday 7 pm slot

I'd like to reduce the number of available seats in the Thursday night tournament qualifier and add a table to necRomancer - RPG23ND221112.

I've also got an extra judge available on Saturday at 1 pm and I'd like to add a table to The necRomancer - RPG23ND221110.

I've sent emails to GenCon Events but I haven't heard back.

Dave Mitchard - NASCRAG 

Posted by nascragman

It seems like the support staff is a little overwhelmed this year.  No replies to my emails or to this.  No worries

Posted by roderick

Hi Dave, 

Events says they are aware off your request and will get to it when they can. It sounds like there is a *lot* going on this year. 

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