Hello there! Alienplay Games in need of 2 GMs to assist with Superbeings Jumbo Card Game demo events. Will assign you a 4 Day GM badge to commit to 4 hours of help on Friday and Saturday between 11am to 3pm. 2 hours on Thursday at 4pm to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 1pm. So 12 hours. I’ll provide food and drink each day as well.
You can check out the latest on the game at SuperbeingsGame.com. I know its last minute but I had 2 cancellations and need to get this done asap. If you’re a fan of Pokemon and Yugioh TCG’s and anime-style TCG’s in general. You’ll find Superbeings a cool deckbuilding game with big cards using the D12 dice system. So if you’re interested in going to GENCON50 for 4 days and need a 4 day badge then be a Game Master and help us out. You’ll have fun and be a part of a cool game launch. To get this done, email me at:[email protected] I’ll send you a copy of the game once we finalize the GM Badge assignment to your name.I look forward to hearing from 2 of you. Rick Medina
Alienplay Games