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Housing Block "Live News Coverage"
Started by austicke
Last post by alkorahil 3
Adding a night?
Started by grognard262
Last post by picosaurus 4
Started by qwaserity
Last post by aldctjoc 4
Odd differences between hotels
Started by jimdigris
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Adding a guest to the room
Started by burrfoot72
Last post by austicke 4
Ride from Chicago on Aug 3
Started by shezzy153
Last post by jcbnxll 4
hotel check-in
Started by douga65
Last post by lanogironu 5
How to get through the construction zone if you're on I-70 Westbound
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by aldctjoc 5
After Reservation Transfer, Hotel Cost Doesn't Match Housing Block Rate
Started by beckydress
Last post by david campbell 5
connected to convention and free breakfast?
Started by zenmazster
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Making a reservation 1 night shorter?
Started by joho
Last post by joho 5
Westin Renovation Done?
Started by talgian
Last post by brooks 5
No hotel email but charge shows.
Started by jimrules27
Last post by del_grande 6
Columbia Hotel added
Started by eridineon
Last post by quarex 6
Are there any rooms available?
Started by dpeekstok
Last post by colbrook 6
The "I don't want to eat downtown; where else can I go?" thread
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by armadilloal 7
New Downtown Hotel
Started by hahnarama
Last post by smarty_213 7
Can someone please explain the ranch thing?
Started by fethbone
Last post by quarex 7
Ubering from nearby hotels
Started by master9
Last post by llenlleawg 8
Milwaukee to Indy driving tips?
Started by talgian
Last post by thelmabravo 8
Gas Prices
Started by raptorov
Last post by theinitiativeinn 9
Housing Portal Interface
Started by usrbin
Last post by quarex 9
Facebook Housing Poll
Started by austicke
Last post by visminasyl 9
Downtown Indy
Started by raptorov
Last post by robertgonzales 9
Hampton Inn Downtown
Started by joedescow
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