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Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2022
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Started by ctate22
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rideshare from/to Carmel?
Started by theinitiativeinn
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Started by cpspalding
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Post Gencon food truck feedback
Started by kevinrg
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Looking for new hotel in 2023
Started by brumcg
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Milwaukee to Indy driving tips?
Started by talgian
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Facebook Housing Poll
Started by austicke
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If you're driving from the west on I-70 East, don't worry about the downtown construction. You'll exit before you get to it.
Started by aldctjoc
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Looking for transport to and from the airport hotels
Started by dannibeth
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If you're driving from the north on I-65 south, avoid the construction to get to downtown.
Started by aldctjoc
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Southwest Fares open through August 14
Started by helenbb
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Points room at Crowne Plaza ICC available
Started by fethbone
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