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For Event Organizers and GMs to discuss hosting events at Gen Con
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    3rd year of Gen Con Survivor
    Started by patriotx
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    2020 Pin Exchange Program...
    Started by dscottobrien1
    Last post by derekguder 2
    2020 host policy up
    Started by [email protected]
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    2020 host policy up
    Started by noone
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    2019 Event Registration
    Started by marv
    Last post by pkanouse 5
    2019 Event Planning
    Started by nscott
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    2019 Badge Reimbursement
    Started by cpspalding
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    2019 Badge Reimbursement
    Started by thuyhoang1712
    Last post by rong 2
    2018 Premier Group applications?
    Started by erikhawley
    Last post by derekguder 6
    1st time Gencon, 1st time FEPH - How to Assign Badges?
    Started by quantumpotato
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    1st time EO/GM question
    Started by shadow5606
    Last post by chickpea 7
    19 & One is recruiting for GM's
    Started by grtbrt
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    'How to Submit Events' Video/Twitch Stream
    Started by dominiclewis
    Last post by dominiclewis 1
    "Reserving" Spots/Running with Friends
    Started by armandopenblade
    Last post by derekguder 11
    Unofficial Tuesday or Wednesday RPG event at The Conrad - anyone interested?
    Started by father bloodlust
    Last post by father bloodlust 1
    keep that data
    Started by harrygordon30
    Last post by brotherbock 3
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