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Imminent Event Catalog Release
Started by sysop073
Last post by marimaccadmin 4
Im new to all things Gencon
Started by thorvan
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I question of badge reibursment
Started by noone
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How to withdraw an unreviewed game submitted game
Started by mhoram
Last post by mhoram 3
How to submit a special event?
Started by lurkingfears
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How to Make Badge Request Changes
Started by experimentalgamer
Last post by derekguder 2
How to create a gaming group?
Started by m-evans
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How to check attendance
Started by momochan07
Last post by nscott 3
How to cancel an event submission?
Started by alanquatermain
Last post by derekguder 6
How many tickets do I charge?
Started by genghis_sean
Last post by genghis_sean 3
How long to wait before taking generics?
Started by tomorrow1969
Last post by brotherbock 18
How long to hear back ?
Started by rooandboo
Last post by peastew 4
How long should I wait for a player before accepting a replacement
Started by marv
Last post by traveller 6
How long is event review taking?
Started by cigarpete
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How late can 2021 Physical Events last into the night?
Started by msteinbo
Last post by msteinbo 5
How GM badge works for independent GM?
Started by pangaea ultima
Last post by derekguder 7
How do I cancel my events?
Started by toddmiller
Last post by derekguder 5
How do I cancel an event I have Submitted
Started by nascragman
Last post by roderick 12
How are RPG walk-ups or standby players handled?
Started by skitzoontheloose
Last post by narzat 2
How are no-shows handled?
Started by boardcrunch
Last post by derekguder 13
How are GMs receiving or "scanning" badges/ event tickets for GenCon Online?
Started by sirrogue
Last post by topsocial 6
Hours for GM HQ?
Started by efindel
Last post by derekguder 2
Hotel Reimbursement Form?
Started by erikhawley
Last post by derekguder 2
Hotel reimbursement
Started by boardcrunch
Last post by suburbaknght 9
Hotel Registration and GM Badges
Started by primordial fire
Last post by derekguder 34
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