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For Event Organizers and GMs to discuss hosting events at Gen Con
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Special Badge for Game Masters?
Started by leontes
Last post by garhkal 12
E-Tickets without Internet
Started by brotherbock
Last post by brotherbock 6
GM badge and registering to play in events
Started by wjmacguffin
Last post by derekguder 3
Small Seminar?
Started by rsdean
Last post by mikeboozer 2
Any way to know what games are already covered?
Started by sysop073
Last post by derekguder 3
Question for Event Schedulers
Started by genghis_sean
Last post by rbree 4
Lucas Oil Stadium 2019
Started by nscott
Last post by derekguder 8
Looking for GMs to run a brand new RPG, Deckahedron World
Started by sjbrown
Last post by sjbrown 1
Question about event space in Lucas Oil Stadium
Started by rutherfordr
Last post by garhkal 4
Premier Event Groups for Gen Con 2018
Started by derekguder
Last post by webcontentonline 23
Running a boardgame
Started by ytuni
Last post by ytuni 3
All GMs should get a (non-complimentary) GM badge
Started by sysop073
Last post by derekguder 11
Why aren't GM Badgeholders allowed to book rooms through the Housing Portal?
Started by atomreid
Last post by derekguder 7
Contacting Participants
Started by chickpea
Last post by chickpea 3
First Time Board Game Host (TMNT: Shadows of the Past Questions as well)
Started by bsugrad
Last post by derekguder 2
Limited Event Submission for Gen Con Indy 2021
Started by derekguder
Last post by rfsullivan 67
EO/GM Email: Ticket Recon (Mostly) Complete
Started by derekguder
Last post by derekguder 1
When doing looking for players
Started by cestus
Last post by aussietopescorts 3
Kobold Press needs help!
Started by brick
Last post by brick 7
Can I sell optional (or required) kits for my virtual events?
Started by indyupcycle
Last post by marimaccadmin 2
Do GMs get a list of players who signed up?
Started by joecwik
Last post by joecwik 3
Unsubmit Event when status is SR-Submitted for Review
Started by toxic_rat
Last post by toxic_rat 3
Survivor; Second Chance
Started by patriotx
Last post by rbree 7
electronic goes well?
Started by kurtworden
Last post by traveller 3
Storage Space for SPA classes?
Started by usthibodeaux
Last post by vutpakdi 4
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