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For Event Organizers and GMs to discuss hosting events at Gen Con
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GM recruitment drives (& mentoring)
Started by derekguder
Last post by blareblare2 47
High-Demand Games from 2018
Started by derekguder
Last post by roderick 59
Welcome to the EO & GM Forum!
Started by derekguder
Last post by zalora 50
When can I expect to find out if an event has been approved?
Started by abaff410
Last post by adamusa 16
Location, Location, Location...
Started by hendelbolaf
Last post by adamusa 5
Any chance we can determine if Wish List numbers exceed capacity?
Started by boardcrunch
Last post by emmausa 5
Electronic Certification for 2023
Started by experimentalgamer
Last post by jeffreestar 8
Where is ICC : Meeting Room 8?
Started by davidniecikowski
Last post by memorablereceive 9
GM HQ Location
Started by agent_duchovny
Last post by roderick 14
Running Under Time
Started by j7cheng
Last post by begmainsheet 7
Waiting to get paid by GC
Started by chickpea
Last post by polinkuer 6
Following Up With Players?
Started by experimentalgamer
Last post by zetiopiy 23
Bringing in equipment for a show.
Started by gm macleods
Last post by polinkuer12 7
Independent GM Badges
Started by cfaman
Last post by polinkuer12 12
Events I’m GMing aren’t listed in my EO/GM dashboard
Started by semanticman
Last post by jaredrivera 5
Sunday Player Attendance?
Started by mu skulls frank
Last post by ushadestination 20
Started by ladyek
Last post by maosnaroaan 8
Unsubmitted Event tickets
Started by dpontier
Last post by maosnaroaan 3
GM Hotels
Started by boardcrunch
Last post by maosnaroaan 9
Event system does not save Gamemaster ID
Started by toxic_rat
Last post by maxxkingston 8
Sending messages to players
Started by capt4in
Last post by noone 5
Turned in tickets but no email confirmation back yet?
Started by meldh
Last post by meldh 4
GM Reviews?
Started by alexanderwrites
Last post by conspiracyofgamers 4
Question on GM Badges
Started by williamgu
Last post by estygi 22
Using Power Point at Events?
Started by kr2004
Last post by possiblyarrow 4
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