Gen Con 50 Retrospective Panels & Featured Presenters

Gen Con 50

As part of the Gen Con 50 celebration, we have curated panels covering the history of Gen Con! Topics covering the gamut from The First Gen Con: How It Began; The Launch of Magic: The Gathering; Invasion Of The Meeples; TSR Comes of Age, and even an inside scoop on running Gen Con just to name a few.

These events will be held in the ICC : Room 105. Search for "Gen Con 50" for details on these events and for a list of all the events being hosted as part of our Gen Con 50 celebration!

Gen Con 50 Featured Presenters

Gen Con is proud to welcome the following Featured Presenters who will be participating in the retrospective panels. Biographies and pictures will be forthcoming.

Cathleen Adkison
Gary Adkison
Richard Baker
Vincent Baker
Jenny Bendel
Drew Biddle
Michael Bowling
Anne Brown
Mike Carr
Dave Conant
Monte Cook
Luke Crane
Jeremy Crawford
Ryan Dancey
Scott Duncan
Ron Edwards
Skaff Elias
Mike Elliott
Scott Elliott
Matt Forbeck
Justin Gary
Mike Gray
Luke Gygax
Tracy Hickman
Ken Hite
Steve Jacson
Harold Johnson
Tim Kask
Eric Lang
Robin Laws
Nicole Lindroos
Beverly Marshall Saling
Jeff Martin
Mike Mearls
Dave Megarry
Bill Meinhardt
Frank Mentzer
Matt Mercer
Marc Miller
Erik Mona
Carol Monahan
John Nephew
Christian T. Petersen
Jon Peterson
Stefan Pokorny
Mike Pondsmith
Mike Reese
Mark Rein-Hagen
Larry Roznai
Bob Salvatore
Matt Shoemaker
David Simkins
Jared Sorensen
Bill Speer
Greg Stafford
Lisa Stevens
Paul J. Stormberg
Richard Thomas
Jonathan Tweet
Barbara Vantilburg
James Wallis
Margaret Weis
Jordan Weisman
Tom Wham
Steve Wieck
Stewart Wieck
Skip Williams
Steve Winter
John Zinser
Lou Zocchi

Guests are subject to change.