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If you are looking for Hotel Registration information for Gen Con 50 (2017), this page summarizes many questions and answers related to securing housing. If you still have questions about housing after reading this page, please email for more information.

Gen Con is proud to partner with Q-rooms to provide a wide variety of hotels in the Indianapolis area and to secure the best rates possible for Gen Con attendees. Rates vary by hotel. On February 12, at noon (Eastern), Housing Registration will begin for Gen Con 50.

NOTE: Demand for downtown hotel inventory far exceeds available supply and as such sells out very quickly, while suburban hotel inventory tends to be available throughout the convention.

Attendees wanting to reserve rooms in the Gen Con housing block must first purchase badges through the online registration system. The badge purchase confirmation email and your Gen Con account "My Housing" link will provide access to the Housing Portal once it is open.


Random scheduled access to the housing portal is required to distribute initial opening server demand, eliminating housing page "time outs" and crashing. When housing opens, all attendees who have purchased a badge prior to housing opening will be put into a pool and given a random scheduled time to access the housing portal.

After randomization of all attendee-type badges, a countdown timer for your unique access time will appear on your “My Housing” page on Attendees again should note that with this new process, access to the Housing Portal will be spread out over a longer span of time during the opening of Housing Registration than in past years. For instance, downtown housing still should be available after 2 pm (Eastern).

Important note: all customers that purchase an attendee-type badge after Housing Portal access times have been assigned will be placed at the end of the Housing Registration queue.


Badge purchasers, not badge holders are given access to book housing in the Gen Con housing block. The person who purchases the badge must book the hotel room and can do so via their "My Housing" page.


Badge purchasers are allowed to book one hotel room for every 1-2 badges purchased.

  • 1-2 badges = 1 room
  • 3-4 badges = 2 rooms
  • 5-6 badges = 3 rooms
  • 7+ badges = etc ...


ADA rooms have limited availability and cannot be booked online. Individuals needing ADA rooms must wait until they have access to the housing portal through their "My Housing" page, then call 317-688-1323 for booking assistance. Because call center representatives must verify callers’ housing eligibility and portal access, we recommend logging into your account and making sure your Make Reservation button is active before dialing the call center for assistance.


Nightly minimum stay restrictions are in effect for all hotels in the downtown area. Reservations for hotels in the downtown area must consist of three or more consecutive dates and must include the night of Saturday August 19, 2017. Nightly minimum stay restrictions will remain in place throughout the housing cycle. Reservations at suburban hotels are not subject to nightly minimum stay restrictions.


On opening day, new reservations must be booked online. Customer phone support will be restricted to individuals having valid reservation acknowledgements.

To book your reservation:

  1. Sign in to your Gen Con account
  2. Visit your "My Housing page"
  3. Click the "Make Reservation" link
  4. Click "Go To Housing Portal." The link will connect you with the online system where you can book your reservation.


If you have purchased enough badges to book more than one hotel room, you must book the rooms one at a time. Once you've completed one booking, you can begin the next booking.


When you access the housing portal and enter search criteria for hotels, the listings brought up are shown in real time - meaning other users with access to the housing site are looking at the same inventory as you. Until you select a specific room type and begin the checkout process, this inventory is constantly in flux as others users are adding it to their cart. Once you have selected a hotel room and start the checkout process, the room will be held for you for up to 10 minutes while you complete the transaction.


You must secure your hotel reservation with a credit card that has an expiration date after the convention. Credit cards that expire before the convention will be rejected by the system.


All reservations cancelled before 11:59 pm (Eastern), June 26, 2017 are subject to a $50 USD cancellation fee per room. Reservations cancelled after June 26, 2017, are subject to a cancellation fee equal to one night room charge. Cancellation fees will be automatically billed to the credit card placed on file securing the reservation. No exceptions or refunds will be granted.


Modifications to an existing reservation do not carry any penalty fee, provided the reservation is not cancelled in its entirety. All cancelled reservations are subject to the Cancellation Policy.

To modify or cancel your reservation, log into your Gen Con account, visit your "My Housing" page, and click the View Reservation link for the reservation you'd like to change. The link will connect you with our online system where you can perform the desired modification.


A non-refundable deposit equal to one night room rate plus tax will be charged by your assigned hotel starting August 1, 2017 after housing closes.


An automated Wait List feature will be activated within one week of housing opening. This feature will enable users to request room nights on the front and/or back end of their reservation that were unavailable at the time of booking. Nights for which a room is unavailable but eligible for wait list will be denoted by a red exclamation point (!) indicator beside the date. After booking a reservation including one or more wait list nights, the system will monitor inventory availability and automatically add the requested nights as they become available. Upon adding a night, the system will also send the reservation holder a confirmation message indicating the night(s) that have been added. Wait list nights listed in your reservation are not guaranteed.

No manual wait list is available in 2017, and no wait list requests will be accepted by phone or email. Attendees hoping to book new reservations or modify existing reservations to change room types and/or hotels should check availability online periodically. As other guests modify and/or cancel their existing reservations, online inventory will change accordingly in real time. Modifications of hotel and/or room type do not carry any fees.


Attendees can make reservations changes, including change of hotel and/or room type, online or by calling the Call Center for assistance. Reservation modifications involving a change of guest names do not transfer financial responsibility from the original reservation holder to another guest unless the credit card billing information is also updated. Upon updating the credit card information, the new cardholder will become financially liable for the cancellation fee or room deposit, whichever is applicable.

Reservations holders are personally responsible for changes they make online. We do not recommend giving other attendees access to your reservation or billing information. If you would like to transfer your reservation to another convention attendees, please contact the Call Center for agent assistance.


Reservations created in the official Gen Con 50 housing block are not guaranteed until confirmed by the hotels via electronic room confirmation email message, which will be transmitted to guests by the hotels after the Gen Con housing period has ended. Purchase of a Gen Con badge does not guarantee hotel room availability within the official housing block. Neither Gen Con LLC nor Q-rooms LLC are responsible for hotel handling of guest room reservations, deposits, and/or other hotel policies relating to guest reservations. Liability for reservations booked within the Gen Con housing block is limited solely to monetary fees collected by Q-rooms LLC in association with reservation cancellations made prior to 11:59 pm (Eastern), July 31, 2017.

Gen Con reserves the right to cancel any room reservations made in violation of show policy without refund.

Upon booking a reservation in the official Gen Con housing block you agree to adhere to and be bound by the aforementioned Terms of Service.

Call Center Email:

Travel to Gen Con 50

Gen Con Travel Support

In honor of Gen Con 50, we’re relaunching travel support services to provide attendees with a convenient, reliable and affordable means of arranging travel not only to the convention, but to any US destination year-round. The new service, called “Gen Con Travel”, consists of an online booking site that can be accessed by clicking here or using the navigational link in the Attendee menu of our website. Users of the service will enjoy the convenience of booking a broad selection of flights, rental cars, and overflow lodging. The site will be operational 24/7 year-round, beginning January 29, 2017.

Please be advised: Lodging accommodations available through Gen Con Travel present alternative, “overflow” accommodations to the discounted group lodging available through the official convention housing block. Gen Con Travel hotel accommodations are sourced through Advanced Reservations Systems, Inc. (“aRes” for short), a global supply chain serving the leisure travel segment, and the selection and pricing of Gen Con Travel accommodations vary with market factors such as hotel locations, guest room availability, and seasonal demand.


The Indianapolis International Airport is only a 15-Minute drive away from downtown Indianapolis. The airport is served by eight major air carriers: Air Canada, AirTran, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and U.S. Airways.

There are various transportation options available from the airport including taxis, limousines, public transit, and rental cars.


Indianapolis is easily accessible via many interstate highways bisecting the city. Half of the nation's population lives within a day's drive of Indianapolis, which makes traveling to Indy by car an attractive option for many visitors. City, hotel, and lot-based parking is available in downtown Indianapolis.

The Indiana Convention Center is conveniently located on the corner of E. Maryland Street and S. Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. The facility address is 100 S. Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225.