Hosting Events

This information will help you submit and manage your events at Gen Con.

If you have any questions, just email us or visit our forums.

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2016 Event Timeline

January 6, 2016Early Event Submission begins
February 8, 2016Early Event Submission closes
March 14, 2016Event Submission Deadline
May 15, 2016Layout Change Requests due
GM Badge Requests due
GM Hotel Requests due
August 22, 2016Event tickets must be delivered to Gen Con offices
Final Deadline for reimbursement requests (badge & hotel)

This is a summary list of important dates and reminders. It is by no means comprehensive - please refer to the Event Host Policy for full details on what you need to do for your events.

Important Links

First time GM looking for a basic introduction? Read through these tips and let us know if you have other questions.

  • Event Host Policy
    This covers all the rules and policies that cover almost any kind of event. Not everything applies to all events, but you should read the whole thing - by submitting events you agree to abide by it.
  • Event Organizer and Game Master Forum
    A good place to go if you have question and want to get help from other GMs.

How To Submit Events

Submitting events for Gen Con Indy is a pretty simple process. You just need to use our online event submission form to send us the details for your event.

  1. Sign into your account in the registration system (or create a new one if you don't have an account already).
  2. Click on Submit a New Event at the top of the page and enter the details for your event(s).
  3. Click on "Submit this event!" to send your event to us for review. You can also click on "Save this event for later" if you want to submit it later, but you must have filled out at least the required fields before you can save.

Once you have entered your event, it will be listed on after you sign in. You can also click on Event Submissions to get to your event list and review your events or check their status. If you are ever unsure whether your events have been reviewed yet or what location they were assigned, just check there.

You can also now edit and update your events until they have been Accepted for Consideration.

This video tutorial from 2011 walks through the submission form. There have been a few tweaks since then, but not too many, and the major details have stayed consistent.

Event Review Cycles

Events will be reviewed and assigned locations in two cycles during the event submission period. Events approved in a cycle will be assigned a location before events submitted in subsequent cycles.

  • Events submitted during early event submission will be placed first.
  • Events submitted during normal event submission will be placed after events submitted during early event submission.
  • Events submitted after the event submission deadline are late, and will be reviewed and placed entirely at Gen Con's discretion, as time and space permits.

This means that premium, high-demand space and time slots will go very quickly and if you want to secure space in a certain room or have very specific requirements for your event, submit it as early as possible. As time slots fill up and space runs out, we will not be accepting events for that space or time slot, though you can resubmit your event for a different time.

For more information on event placement will be handled, please refer to the Event Host Policy.

Further Questions?

If you have any other questions, concerns, problems or issues, do not hesitate to email us at, post in the GM forum, or call us directly at 206-957-3976 x3811 (just remember we're on Pacific time).