Authors' Avenue & Writer's Symposium

Gen Con 2016 is excited to once again bring you the best of the best in the fiction writing world. With over 35 attending independent authors and publishers to panels, seminars, and workshops focused on the craft of writing, Gen Con's offerings are not to be missed by any author or aspiring author. We are thrilled to bring you the following ...

    Authors' Authors

    Gen Con is host to many authors and is the place to find your favorite fantasy, sci-fi, or horror fiction writers or any genre in between. Here is the list of independent authors and small press publishers exhibiting in Authors' Avenue in 2016. We've got lots of new exhibitors attending along with some of your favorites. This list is not comprehensive of all the authors attending the show, it only represents those participating in Authors' Avenue.

    Authors' Avenue is located in the Exhibit Hall and is open Thursday through Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday 10 am - 4 pm.

    Author Guest of Honor

    Gen Con announces Robin Hobb as our 2016 Author Guest of Honor.

    Book Signing

    Author's from Writer's Symposium as well as our Author Guest of Honor can be found signing in the Book Signing area throughout the show. The Book Signing area is located in the Exhibit Hall near Authors' Avenue.

      Book Signing Schedule:

      Thursday, August 4
      1 pm - Keith Baker - Jody Lynn Nye - Jo Walton
      2 pm - Joshua Alan Doetsch - Alyc Helms - Peter Orullian
      3 pm - Elizabeth Bear - Richard Dansky - John Helfers
      4 pm - Suzanne Church - Patrick Rothfuss - Lucy A. Snyder
      Friday, August 5
      11 am - Donald J. Bingle - Dylan Birtolo - Robin Hobb - Elizabeth Vaughan
      12 pm - Bradley P. Beaulieu - Karen Bovenmyer - Scott Lynch - Cat Rambo
      1 pm - Carrie Bebris - Gwenda Bond - Bill Fawcett - Christopher Rowe
      2 pm - Steve Bein - Marie Brennan - Eric Flint - Richard C. White
      3 pm - Matt Forbeck - Gail Z. Martin - Jay Posey - Lucien Soulban
      4 pm - Erick Scott de Bie - David M. Ewalt - Gregory A. Wilson
      Saturday, August 6
      11 am - Daryl Gregory - Mur Lafferty - Gail Z. Martin - Carrie Patel
      12 pm - Kameron Hurley - Joshua Alan Doetsch - Sunil Patel - Lucy A. Snyder
      1 pm - John Helfers - Melanie R. Meadors - Patrick Rothfuss - Kelly Swails
      2 pm - Kelly Armstrong - Michael R. Underwood - Jo Walton - Gregory A. Wilson
      3 pm - Maurice Broaddus - Robin Hobb - Kerrie L. Hughes - Melanie R. Meadors
      4 pm - Erick Scott de Bie - Jody Lynn Nye - Lawrence M. Schoen - Richard C. White
      Authors and schedule subject to change.
      Bold denotes Author Guest of Honor


    Writer's Symposium

    The Gen Con Writer's Symposium once again offers a wealth of programming all around fiction writing. Highlights include:

    • Over 80 best-selling authors and experts taking part.
    • More than 200 hours worth of programming planned.
    • Even more professional grade workshops from top authors.
    • New "Writing for Video Games" track featuring writers for Destiny, The Division, and more.

    2016 Gen Con Writer's Symposium Guest List

    • Joshua Blimes - Special Guest (Agent)
    • Marco Palmieri - Special Guest (Editor)
    • Bill Fawcett - Special Guest (Industry)
    • Jody Lynn Nye - Special Guest (Author)
    • Christine Thompson - Special Guest (Video Games)

    Here is a list of all attending authors participating in Writer's Symposium.

    Participating Authors/Publishers subject to change.

    Please check out the Writer's Symposium website for all information on this program.