E-Ticketing Information for Event Organizers

Electronic Ticketing (E-Ticketing) is how Gen Con is leveling up the event-ticketing experience for Event Organizers (EOs) and attendees with a convenient and streamlined new process. When an attendee registers for an e-ticketed event, their ticket is electronically associated with their Gen Con account. Instead of collecting paper tickets, an EO for an e-ticketed event simply scans the badge of a registered attendee to redeem their ticket!

For 2024: Once event submission opens, EOs can request electronic ticketing certification through their EO/GM dashboard until the event submission deadline. Once certified, the option to select either paper or electronic ticketing methods will be available during the event submission process for each of their events. See the Event Host Policy for further details.

What You’ll Need

To participate in electronic ticketing as an EO, you’ll need:

  • A late-model iOS or Android phone with the Gen Con mobile app installed.
  • And/or a computer with a USB barcode scanner capable of scanning Code39 barcodes. To make sure your scanner will work, please use the Barcode Test page.

To use a Computer to redeem electronic tickets, you must be connected to the Internet.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the ICC Event Halls, Stadium, and area hotels.

The Gen Con mobile app can redeem e-tickets when internet access is slow or temporarily disrupted but will need to be connected in order to sell tickets.

How It Works

E-tickets are purchased the same way as paper tickets. But instead of being printed, mailed, collected, and then returned, an e-ticket is stored electronically in the attendee’s account and is associated with their Gen Con badge. You, as EO, admit attendees to your events by scanning their badge rather than collecting paper tickets.

For more information on how this works in application, there is a training webinar from 2019 available on our YouTube channel. Both web and mobile interfaces are explained along with info including the most common scenarios you may experience at the convention.

There are also two short videos covering how to use the Gen Con Mobile App (includes updated features from 2023) or through the Gen Con Website on a web browser to support EOs in training their GMs.

How Will It Affect You and Your Hosting Experience?

Scanning badges is quick — it only takes a few seconds — but can require more time than collecting paper tickets. Having additional people (GMs & others assisting you) scan badges makes the process faster, and is necessary if you have a lot of attendees and/or a lot of events happening at the same time. In order for an individual to be able to scan badges for an event, they will need to be listed as an GM in the Gamemaster field on the Event Submission Form. EOs are able to edit the GM field for their events at any time through their EO/GM Dashboard.

How to Register

If you have been certified for electronic ticketing, in order to have your 2024 events approved for electronic ticketing, you'll need to:

  • Select "Electronic" as the ticketing method on the Event Submission Form for each event you want to be e-ticketed.
  • Add all individuals (GMs & others assisting you) as GMs in the Gamemaster field for each of your events. This will enable access to scan badges for your event(s). Individuals who are not listed as GMs will be unable to scan badges from their account.
  • Prepare yourself and your GMs in advance by reviewing the additional resources provided below. There will also be an on-site support team to assist with technical issues as well. Contact the nearest Event HQ if you have technical issues with e-ticketing onsite.

If you need to add a GM to your events after your events are active, there is a walkthrough video here, or you can follow these instructions:

  • Navigating to your EO/GM Dashboard under your profile in the top right
  • Click the event you wish to add a GM to
  • Select Edit GM’s button for the event
  • Add the GM(s) email addresses to the gamemaster(s) field and submit

How to Prepare

To help you prepare, Gen Con will provide the following:

You will be responsible for educating yourself and your GMs on the appropriate information, training, tools, etc. for a successful on-site experience.

Additional Benefits for EOs

  • Sell tickets to eligible attendees
  • Issue complimentary tickets/oversell your event to replace attendees who don't show
  • Access real-time event attendance data
  • Individuals can use the same account and/or scan for the same event at the same time
  • No organizing and returning tickets after your event
  • Can still accept paper tickets from other events or generics as before (but you’ll need to collect and turn in those tickets in at conclusion of your events)

More Info

For more information about the program, please refer to our E-Ticketing FAQ or email [email protected].