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Liberty Cabbage by Matt Vancil (Festival Edit)
Saturday, 4:00 PM EDT for 2 hr Westin : Capitol III

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Fighting for Freedom, Justice, Freedom, and let's say Truth. A sketch comedy series with a meta-narrative where the show's creators play funhouse mirror versions of themselves producing their show.
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Liberty Cabbage is a sketch comedy series with a meta narrative in which the show's creators play funhouse mirror versions of themselves producing their show. It'll all make sense if you watch the pilot. Which is included in this festival edit. The show is the brainchild of writer/director Matt Vancil, the sixth most popular model from 2018's Orcish Beefcake Calendar. It is co-production between fan darling Zombie Orpheus Entertainment—the indie house behind the Gamers movies, JourneyQuest, and more—and the Apple Goblin, who's best known for stealing Matt's apples and leaving him without fruit. We wanted to say "fruitless," but he made us change it. The show features a local cast of Northwest actors, filmmakers, and comedians whose work has played worldwide.
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Teen (13+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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2 hr
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Saturday, 6:00 PM EDT
Westin : Capitol III
Chris Ode, Steve Wolbrecht, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Maggie Doyle, Mark Thomason, Sharon Bebop, Bryce Bebop, Jonathan Holmes, George Raisor, John Renguette, Anthony McGavock, Hugo Hernandez, Fernando Marquez, Lenny Rock, Draccus Freeze, Laura Scott, Austin Burch, Nathan Rice, Helen Roundhill, Anthony Hanson, Sarah Michele Bailey, Ben Ward, Jason Straw, Calleigh Fisher, Kurt White, Gail Thomason, Tavin Ode, Bob Smith
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No, this is not a tournament.
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