About Us

The Home of Tabletop Gaming™

For over 55 years Gen Con has been the largest and longest-running gaming convention in North America. Founded in 1967 by Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, Gen Con now attracts tens of thousands of attendees from around the world to Indianapolis for The Best Four Days in Gaming™.

Our mission is to create opportunities, experiences, and communities where people can share the joy of games together. We embrace progress while building on over 50 years of history to shape the spirit of Gen Con – a space where fun, empathy, play and connection are always at the center.

Gen Con Values


    We encourage, nurture, and support the amazing people, ideas, and technologies that bring Gen Con to life, in all its creative forms.

    Inclusive community-building

    We consciously build welcoming, safer spaces to gather, forge friendships, explore shared passions, and discover new ones. We value active listening and working with our community to shape a Gen Con that is anti-discrimination, anti-racist and free of sexism, harassment, and hate.

    Continuous growth

    We are always searching for new ways to play and celebrate games together. We practice self-awareness, remain humble, and hold ourselves accountable for the things we do to improve the industry ecosystem, grow as individuals and bring our unique experience to more people across the globe.

    Our place in gaming history

    We acknowledge the history and traditions of Gen Con and its place in the world of gaming. We seek to honor the individuals and accomplishments of those who built our industry while actively working for systemic change. Gen Con is where the story of tabletop games is often written, and we accept the challenge of promoting change so that future Gen Con is grounded in equality, diversity, and borderless joy.

Our team

We're a group of committed, caring individuals working year-round to create amazing gaming experiences at Gen Con. Headquartered in Seattle but working remotely in locations coast to coast, our team thrives on the energy, passion, and excitement that comes from presenting The Best Four Days in Gaming™ every year in all of its forms.

Gen Con Staff