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Play Castle Panic: The Wizard's Tower with the Designer
Thursday, 6:00 PM EDT for 2 hr ICC : 144--145

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Cooperate with your team to defend the castle against hordes of monsters. Keep the Wizard's Tower standing to use magic spells and fire against flying monsters and more.
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In this cooperative game, you'll work together to defend the castle against monsters as they stream in from the forest. Match your Swordsman, Knight, and Archer cards to the locations of the monsters on the board to hit and slay the monsters. Then, draw monster tokens to place them on the board, mindful of the tokens that can change up the situation on the battlefield, like Giant Boulders and Plagues. You'll also have Mega Boss Monsters, flying monsters, magic spells tied to the Wizard's Tower, fire that can wound the monsters or weaken your castle. Slay all of the monsters with at least 1 tower standing to win. And having the designer there to answer your questions and add flavor to the night will make for a fun, memorable experience.
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Everyone (6+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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2 hr
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Thursday, 8:00 PM EDT
ICC : 144--145
Anne-Marie De Witt, Justin De Witt, Rebecca Cash
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No, this is not a tournament.
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