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Star Wars: Legion - The Asset
Saturday, 5:00 PM EDT for 3 hr ICC : Hall E : Atomic Mass Games : HQ

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A casual play event. At the start of the event, each player receives one scenario card and one token sheet, which are theirs to keep.
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A crack team of special operatives and commandos has infiltrated an enemy’s base on a secret mission to secure The Asset. They have fought their way through guards, security checkpoints, and other defenses and are now in possession of their prize. But their enemies will not give up so easily—their forces have launched an all-out assault to take The Asset back! Will the team survive until extraction, or will their foes reclaim The Asset for their own nefarious ends? Do not track wins and losses. This event is designed to give players a unique scenario for playing STAR WARS: LEGION and is not about winning or losing games. Players should help each other with the rules and tactics of the game during play.
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Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
Materials Required:
Full armies and cards necessary according to the most recent rules as written.
Start Date & Time:
3 hr
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Saturday, 8:00 PM EDT
ICC : Hall E : Atomic Mass Games : HQ
Courtney Downing
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No, this is not a tournament.
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