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The Golden Obelisk
Thursday, 7:00 PM EDT for 1 hr 30 min Stadium: Exhibit Hall 1--2: HQ

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A fun intro desert-themed adventure. Same quality/swag/XP as normal events but with 4 rooms (not 7). Amazing puzzles, monsters, sets and NPCs await. May only use the free 10-pack of tokens provided.
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This sealed-pack, desert-themed adventure, set in the world of Chaldea challenges players to locate the mysterious Golden Obelisk hidden deep in the desert. This event will have the full quality of a traditional TD adventure, but it will concentrate the fun in four rooms (rather than seven). It is a great adventure for players new to True Dungeon. You will enjoy amazing sets, fearsome monsters, fun team puzzles and friendly NPCs. Players get a free bag of 10 Treasure Tokens ($10 value), three random treasure draws (4 draws if 6th level) and a limited-edition Participation token. “Survivor” buttons for those who triumph. While you may trade the 10 provided tokens with other players in your group, you cannot use other previously acquired treasure tokens. Standard XP (with a 4-room limit) is available to all players. Non-Lethal, Normal or Hardcore difficulty settings.
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Teen (13+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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1 hr 30 min
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Thursday, 8:30 PM EDT
Lori Martin, Lori Martin, Innkeeper One, Innkeeper Two, Innkeeper Three, Innkeeper Four
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No, this is not a tournament.
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