Anime/Animation Events


Giant mechs fighting it out in epic space battles.

A party of heroes seeking adventure in a mythical land. A lone warrior on a quest in a battle against the undead.

Gaming, right? Actually: we’re talking about ANIME!

Japanese animated entertainment is a global phenomenon, and the themes behind many of the titles like Gundam, Record of Lodoss War, and Vampire Hunter D match up perfectly with the ideas and concepts that Gen Con attendees are accustomed to.

Since the late 2000s, Gen Con has incorporated programming for fans of Japanese animation and (more recently) domestic and other international animated works. The Anime/Animation Track has served to engage seasoned otaku while simultaneously presenting an introduction for casual fans to learn more about this amazing pop culture phenomenon.

Panels. Workshops. Viewing Rooms. Manga. Voice Actors.

Stay tuned for updates regarding our programming for this year.