Things should get easier well before August for those driving in from the East. One major construction project is finished, and the government has announced an "opening" (or reopening, I guess) of the newly redesigned areas by this weekend (April 28), weather permitting. 

Here's a map of the area:

And some news links:

This won't affect everybody driving into Indy:

  • If you're coming in from the east on I-70 (for example, from Ohio), then you'll run into this construction.
  • If you're coming up from the south on I-65 (for example, if you're driving up from Louisville, Ky.), AND if you continue north beyond the I-70/I-65 South Split, then you'll either run into some other construction, or you'll eventually get to the North Split. 

Anyway, that should help some drivers coming in from points East and South. 

Additional links: