Experiencing Hotel "Shenanigans" - Anyone else?
Posted by mpetke

So I got pretty lucky with the housing lottery, logged in the second my time started and got two rooms for my event team at the downtown Embassy Suites. Weeks later now, when I go to manage my reservations it shows that my rooms are at the Plainfield Embassy Suites (15 miles away). To say that I'm not pleased would be a bit of an understatement, but I'm trying to stay calm and focus on solving the problem. Embassy Suites says they can't do anything about it, so I've emailed GenCon customer service. Anyone out there have a similar experience? Any advice on what steps to take to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

Posted by cinnibar

You need to contact Q-Rooms. The hotel has no idea who you are as they don't have any reservations until Q-rooms releases them later.  Q-rooms is responsible for the reservations.

Have the email confirmation that was sent to you handy.

Good luck!

Posted by starnostar

Definitely contact Q-Rooms directly with your original confirmation to get sorted out. At the bottom of your confirmation, there's the hotel name and the address. Is the address listed the actual downtown location?

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