Looking for Downtown room
Posted by robochgo

Hello all,

If anyone has a downtown room to transfer, I would appreciate it. (Prefer Marriott Downtown).  I have been attending EVERY Gen Con since 1984, NEVER missing. My badge # is under 850. Unfortunately, I get nothing for my brand loyalty. I'd like to run events, but what I am trying to run, I am not Ubering or cargo driving every day. 

I know many would say "Hey it's random, tuff luck etc", but all those other loyalty points you have on your phone would say otherwise.

Thanks all for your consideration, and see everyone (again) at Geek Fest :) 

Please PM me.

Posted by selene314

If any of your friends group got a downtown room, maybe store your stuff there?

Posted by ahirabandylegs

I know someone who had to bail out of a two bedroom shared room at the JW and the other guy is looking for a roommate. I may take it, I may not. Are you still looking?

Posted by robochgo

Thank you for your offer but I am looking for a solo room. 

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