Unable to modify hotel
Posted by headless

Anyone else having this issue?  

I'm looking to upgrade my hotel location on the last day the portal is open, but no longer see the option to change my current hotel as of this morning.  

Yesterday, there was an edit button for changing the hotel, but this morning I am locked in to the current location.  I can still edit the room in the hotel, but not the hotel any more.

I didn't confirm the reservation or anything else yesterday, and it's never worked like this in years past.  

Thoughts or ideas?


Posted by wavester

You have missed the date. It closed on the 17th but at 12AM - everything is locked so changes have to be communicated directly with the hotel once they have your reservations (I went and updated all my names on my 40 rooms last night just to save hassle later). 

Posted by headless

Makes sense.  Although their website is a bit confusing with the language:

"Attendees can modify or cancel room assignments until housing registration closes at 11:59 pm (Eastern) on July 17, 2023 (the “closing date”). After housing registration closes, hotels will download final room assignments from the registration system, charge non-refundable deposits to guest credit cards, and issue hotel reservations confirming the room assignments. Until housing registration closes, the participating hotels will not have a record of attendees’ room assignments."


Posted by dreamitdoit

Seems like they may have been off by 24 hours either in implementation or communication. 

Posted by robochgo

Yeah the date states 17th and I just got an email saying it ends TONIGHT. I cannot change my room. I tried to change last week and made a screen grab video sent to Qrooms showing I couldn't change but NO response. This housing system stinks!

Posted by fabdul00

i have the same issue. i emailed GenCon and got this response...

​​​​​​Thank you for your email. We are aware of this problem and have already contacted passkey to resolve the issue..


Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Thank you,



Gen Con Housing,

managed by Q-rooms

Phone:  (317) 688-1323

[email protected]

Posted by aceorton

So anyone still hoping to nab something better lost the entire final day to do so because Passkey thinks 11:59 p.m. Monday means 11:59 p.m. Sunday. Um. OK. 

Posted by robochgo

Every year this process is frustrating.  Here are my beefs: 1. Your years of attendance you give you seniority in selecting a room. Right now you could attend for decades and you get nothing for your support, plebs who *MIGHT come* win the housing lotto. 2. If you select a hotel, it should be held until you complete the process, just like every other hotel lodging software. How many times do you select a hotel and when you type in your stuff it states "oh its gone". It shouldn't be quick draw mcgraw trying to get rooms.  and the event crap is a whole other rant :). See everyone at Geek Fest. 

Posted by donniep

Looks like hotels are seeing reservations, ours just dropped and shows up in the app.  But hotel cannot see rez yet...

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