Themed Restaurants
Posted by slicer11x

I have been out of Gencon for a few years  due to kids and pandemic. Which restaurants and bars do gencon related theming like the old Ram and Scotty's Brewhouse use to do. 

Posted by quarex

Nothing like them, but there are at least a dozen restaurants who are at least trying to have some nerdy theming for things.  I have not kept track of the specifics because "trying a little" is incredibly popular but "going all-out" seems a thing of the past 

Posted by aldctjoc

Someone from Whistle Stop Inn actually visited a thread here and asked what some good ideas would be:

I don't know what they'll end up doing, but it intrigued me enough to convince me to check it out at some point.

Social Cantina also wrote in. A little over-enthusiastically, but I'm a forgiving sort, so I'll work at making room to drop in on them too. They'll have customized menus, merch, themed days (Star Trek, D&D, etc.) and the like. It's all there in the linked thread. We'll see. 

I was about to list Nevermore at Union Station, but their website says they're closed and will eventually open with new management. I don't know if they would've done something special for Gen Con itself, but they seemed to almost be themed enough just as a matter of normal operations. At least from their description. Doesn't matter now, given that they're closed.

Posted by jmsetzer

Nevermore will be very open during Gen Con, with Hunter, Backerkit, and Rollacrit using the space to host games and food; I'm sure they would love everyone to stop by!

See here for more details:

Posted by aldctjoc

Well that's damn good to see! I think I'll have to find time to drop by then.

Posted by helenbb

Even better, it's going to be an offsite/activation at Nevermore (people who have been to large comic cons know what this is). The area will be themed to Heroes of Barcadia and have characters from the game roaming around and interacting with patrons.

Posted by aldctjoc

Well damn! I'm glad I was wrong!

I mean... they need to change that part of their website, but outside of that everything else I'm reading sounds really incredibly awesome.

Even without any theming it sounded like a cool spot. But with all this stuff it's even more so. 

Posted by gregarious1108

Just wanted to point out the Social Cantina, on the corner of Illinois and Georgia St, has a themed menu, featured cocktails for each themed day! They’ll also be playing stuff on their tvs for each theme day. Also, they’ll have bags, tshirts, stickers, and glassware for sale with their inaugural GenCon 2023 logo! They’re a taco and tequila joint with fresh ingredients daily! 

Posted by helendam

so that's great @gregarious1108
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While there aren't many restaurants that fully embrace nerdy themes, there are quite a few that attempt to include some thematic elements. It seems the trend of fully themed restaurants is waning, with most opting for a subtle incorporation of nerdy aspects. I haven't kept detailed records since the modest attempts are quite common, whereas the comprehensive themes are becoming rare. geekydane

Posted by kioslap

Most restaurants now choose to subtly include geeky elements into their decor, suggesting that fully themed restaurants are becoming less popular. Because of the increasing rarity of extensive topics and the prevalence of minor attempts baseball 9

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Ram Restaurant & Brewery are some suggestions that might be worth considering for your upcoming GenCon visit. This was a popular GenCon hangout in the past, and they may still have some themed elements in the conference quordle

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