Elf N Moon: New Indy game store owned by Ex Ram Chef
Posted by elfnmoon82

Well met everyone!

So its been years since ive been on here but my name is John and I used to be the head chef of the Ram back in the heyday of running our Gen Con events through the brewery, 2006-2016. If you remember coming in to chill and watch movies, it was ways me picking them out with some of you on this forum. 

Anyhow, I opened up a new ttrpg store in Ft Square a mere 6 minute Uber ride from the con. We have been open a month with wild success. You can check us out at elfnmoon.com and wanted to let everyone know we are actually goin to be open 24hrs monday to monday over the con. we have a large gaming space that can accommodate 70 people or so plus 2 rentable private rooms. the entire place is designed to look like fantasy tavern.

We will have custom mugs, shirts, and merch as well as food trucks, beer/wine, and special events.

spread the word, its the perfect spot to decompress and game during your con downtimes or after hours. 

i am also going to offer a 5 dollar store cred to people that uber from hotels or the con.

hope to build off this and re-ignite those old Ram memories!


Posted by grim66

That is fantastic to hear! The Ram is one of our best Gen Con memories, and it's great to hear you are keeping that spirit alive! 

Posted by helenbb

John, what is the name and address of the store? Do you have a website?

Posted by brooks helenbb

helenbb wrote:
John, what is the name and address of the store? Do you have a website?

You can check us out at elfnmoon.com

Posted by pshep999

This is great news:)

Posted by qwaserity

Dang it! I thought the map to Elf N' Moon looked familar!
We had an AirBNB four blocks east on Linden last year.
Well, at least we know the neighborhood well enough to come by on Tuesday and/or Sunday nights.

Posted by llenlleawg

It looks like you're about a 20 min walk from where I will be staying!

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