Trade Day Event Host Information

Welcome Trade Day event hosts, presenters, event organizers!

This page is intended to serve as your one stop shop for all information related to hosting events before and during Gen Con's Trade Day program.

A couple of things to know ...

  • The policies and procedures listed herein apply to Trade Day only.
  • Trade Day is held on Wednesday prior to Gen Con Indy ("Convention").
Trade Day


  • A Trade Day event host receives one (1) complementary badge for hosting one or more events for Trade Day.
  • Event hosts may request one (1) additional comp badge.
    • Credentials must be provided by the individual for additional requested comp badge.
  • No more than two (2) complimentary badges will be provided.
  • Badges will be added to individual accounts in the Gen Con system. You must have a Gen Con account and provide the email associated with the account.
  • If you purchased a badge, it is your responsibility to request a refund from Gen Con's customer service. There is no automatic refund when a complimentary badge is added to your account. Refund deadline dates and rules apply.

  • Badge Pick-Up:
    • Badge to be picked up onsite at Trade Day HQ on Wednesday (prior to the Convention) between 8 am - 4 pm.
    • If you are not able to pick up your badge during this time, your badge will be available at Will Call located in the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) starting at 6 pm.
    • Complimentary Trade Day badges will not be mailed.

Events Onsite

Information is broken down by topic to help sort/identify key points.


    • Plan to end your event 5 – 10-minutes prior to the stated end time. This will allow enough time to clear the room and for the next scheduled event to start on time.

    Electronic Ticketing:

    • All events for Trade Day are electronically ticketed.
    • Gen Con support staff and Trade Day volunteers will scan the badges of your event attendees as they walk in and/or prior to the start of your event. Please allow this service to take place. Attendance data is key.
    • A Trade Day email will be added to the "Gamemaster, et all" field of your event as we get closer to the show. You will receive an automatic email regarding the update; no need to take any action.

    Audio Visual:

    • A screen, projector, one (1) microphone and house sound is provided in some event meeting rooms. Event hosts must request AV in your event submission, these services are not automatic.
    • Event hosts are responsible for bringing their own computer, HDMI cable (long), power strip, and extension cord.
      • If you are a Mac user, be sure to bring your Mac adapter(s).


    • Gen Con does not provide internet access in any of the meeting rooms.
    • Please plan your presentation to be offline.
    • The hotel may offer free WIFI in their lobby and/or common areas. Contact them directly for specifics.


    • A Gen Con photographer will be on hand to capture pictures of some events. We realize this can be disruptive, every attempt will be made to keep this to a minimum.
    • Pictures taken during event(s) will be used for future marketing of the Trade Day program.

    Event Messaging Tool:

    • The Event Messaging Tool is for you, the event host, to communicate directly with your attendees.
    • Only the event host/presenter, event organizer, and those registered for your event will be able to access this tool.
    • The tool will be available three weeks before the start of the Convention.
    • Access is from the event details page. Look for the “message” button/link in the navigation ribbon at the top of your events details page.
    • Messaging works like a forum post/thread.
      • Posts made by you will send an email notification to your attendees/ticket holders.
      • Messaging from your attendees will post in the thread, be sure to monitor the tool periodically.
      • If you included a “message to registered players” in your event submission, this will be pinned as the first post in the Event Messaging Tool for that event.

    Event Submission

    • Gen Con is always looking for content to offer from professionals and experts in the field, Trade Day is no exception. Event submission is now closed for Trade Day.
    • Event submission opens in January for the current year.
    • When submitting an event(s), please select “TRD – Trade Day Event” in the Event Type field on the event submission form.
    • For general information on what to expect and what is expected of event hosts, please review Gen Con's Event Host Policy. This policy if primarily for events being hosted at Gen Con Indy, but some information applies to Trade Day events as well.


    Email us for questions about hosting events for Trade Day.