JBM Press - Gamer Badges!

I also found this on Sunday in the Expo Hall. Just wandering around trying to take in the end of the convention and, of course, buying way too much stuff that I then have to rearrange into my luggage.

The JBM Press Gamer Badges are embroidered circle patches, just like in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, that you can iron-on or attach via velcro to hoodies, bags, or even (like the scouts) a SASH!

The art is beautifully designed and each badge has a description on the accompanying paper label. For example the "Grape Soda" badge (inspired by the movie UP) is for gamers who have found love over the gaming table. Some are more obvious: "D20" is for those who have rolled a 20.

They were $3 a piece and I had to restrain myself from buying them all!

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