Is anyone running a game of Paranoia with ChatGPT as Friend Computer
Posted by quarex

Just saying, I would play that 

Posted by roderick

It would be... interesting

Posted by lore seeker

Just don't run a homebrew "Terminator" game. Please, for the love of all humanity, don't give the AI ideas...

Posted by conspiracyofgamers quarex

quarex wrote:
Just saying, I would play that 

I'm pretty sure you don't have security clearance to know that, Citizen.

Posted by mark_theurer

Oh, that would be amazing!

Posted by grim66

It's a bit too close to real life, isn't it? I like my Gen Con to be a little more fantastical and less based in reality... ;D

Sorry, gotta go, my ChatGPT boss just sent me tasks for the day...

Posted by noone

Hmmm I'm running 2 sessions of the new edition ill have to pkay with chatgpt and see

Posted by lanogironu

I've tried unsuccessfully to get into a Paranoia event multiple times. Maybe this is the year.

Posted by e4mafia

OMFG This would be absolutely incredible

Ianigironu, had I planned ahead I absolutely would have run XP edition this year. Forgot to submit events :/

Posted by salmawisokyy

[This post has been removed]

Posted by callumwhitley

this is actually a crazy idea but i want to try it

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