Wednesday Night Games
Posted by jpalm

This is my first time attending and I was wondering if there are typically any games played on Wednesday night. If so, are they typically posted in the forums or is it usually word of mouth? Thanks! 

Posted by helenbb

Drop by The Stink! You can get in (even without a ticket) and find lots of people willing to play a game.

Posted by austicke

Pretty much every hotel lobby will have pickup games.

I'll be at the Stink earlier in the evening.

Posted by jpalm

Thanks for the info!!!  Will definitely plan on The Stink for Wednesday night. Looking forward to it!! 

Posted by jaldarazy

Can someone tell me what The Stink is? I heard a bit about it, but I've never been

Posted by austicke jaldarazy

jaldarazy wrote:Can someone tell me what The Stink is?

It’s a social gathering of gamers and the unofficial Gen Con kickoff for many years (before the beer tapping was started). Come to socialize, play games and win prizes.

I’ll be there handing out free dice and badge ribbons for the Fans of Gen Con Facebook group.

Posted by ubermx

Please remind me where this is? Is it a bar ? Thanks. 

Posted by austicke ubermx

ubermx wrote:Please remind me where this is? Is it a bar ?

Union Station Grand Hall. It's not specifically a bar, but you can buy refreshments at the Stink.

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