Darrington Press events?
Posted by qwaserity

I saw they announced events but the role playing game events aren't showing up. You can see them on the gencon.eventdb.us but not for purchasing tickets on the gencon website.

https://gencon.eventdb.us/event.php?GameCode=RPG23ND240247 for example... the purchase link gives a 404 error.

Posted by mercurywolf

They were available yesterday as I picked up tickets for the First Look of Daggerheart.  But the RPG events are gone now.  That said, they are also causing a Conflict error when I tried to book something else in that slot.

Posted by austicke

I believe there was a pricing error with the events, and they will be re-added.

Posted by mercurywolf

That would make sense, as all of the events were listed as Free when they went live.

Posted by rhhata

The RPGs from Darrington Press are back up, for those interested.

Posted by qwaserity

*** thumbs up ***
"I got what I wanted and I wanted what I got." - Alexander Hamilton.

Posted by biowed

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