What do you do with your gear while volunteering?
Posted by tzusanna

This forum section doesn't seem that active, but I thought I'd post anyway in hopes of getting a response from some volunteer veterans.

What does everyone do with their con gear during their volunteer shifts? Is there a volunteer room we can stash it in? Do you just leave everything at the hotel or in the car? Any tips, stories or advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

Posted by boc_mage

Depends on who you're volunteering for. Most places i've volunteered/worked for at con has had no problem with stashing a bag/stuff under table if you're in a specific area. If i have something truly valuable in bag or stuff i'd make effort to run it out to car/hotel. Depends really how paranoid you are. Gencon overall is pretty good but if you've got $x in tcg/token stuff i'd make sure it be secure somewhere.

Posted by wasampson

If you are a page we have a small area behind Volunteer HQ to leave items, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. I'm unaware of any problems that have arose from such actions though. While working as a page you will be assigned to almost any area that needs additional help, and some of these areas you might be able to keep all your items with you. But please be aware some areas you will have to keep your things put away.

If you are an apprentice/deputy/captain you will be assigned an area and they should have an area where you can put a few things. Please remember again we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Also please be courteous to everyone and NOT bring excessive amounts of items to store.
Will Sampson
Co-Captain Volunteer HQ

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