First Year in the Mentorship Program
Posted by michaelh5481

  This will be my first year in the mentorship program and I'm very excited about the approach of GenCon 2019 and getting started in my new role at the convention. I've been assigned to operations and I have my schedule so now I just have another 28 days to wait (imagine 28 days of impatiently drumming my fingers on my desk).
  As my friends have asked me what I will be doing I've come to realize that I only have a broad idea of the work that the event team does. I have been watching for several years to get an aggregate picture of the sorts of tasks the team does, but I don't have a more refined idea of what sort of tasks a 1st year apprentice might end up doing.
  Would any of you who have already been through this point be able to describe what some of the first year tasks  might be?


Posted by mikeboozer

Thanks for posting!

So you begin the mentorship program as an Apprentice.

These positions spend a lot of time observing how Captains and Deputies work in a specific area.
The goal here is to know the job and learn as much as you can about how the convention works so you can move into a Deputy position in a few years.

These are also the positions we count on to run messages or handle tasks that need to be done when a Captain or Deputy is busy doing something else. Usually going between different area. These tasks differ depending on where you are. 

Hope this helps!

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by michaelh5481 mikeboozer

Thanks, Mike,
I appreciate the extra details. I look forward to seeing you in Indy.

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