Cheap Airbnb room/bed, looking for Roommate(s)!
Posted by ryanjohnson221

Hi! I have an airbnb room 2.8 miles from the convention center that has 2 beds in the room. Im in one bed but the other is available. Text or call me at 480-980-6510 if interested, as I am not often checking this forum. I have already paid for the airbnb room, so I can likely share the room for pretty cheap. My name is Ryan, 30 years old. I dont mind female or male or couple roommates. Text or call with any questions! Im a super chill roommate, and super excited to attend GenCon this year! 

Posted by ryanjohnson221

Bed still availble in Airbnb room. Text or call me at (480) 980-6510 for details!

Posted by wiseraptor2184

I texted you

Posted by ryanjohnson221

1 floor space left! Call me or text 480-980-6510

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