Willing to pay to sleep basically anywhere near the Con
Posted by jorgethedm

Hey folks, my name is Jorge. I'm in my late twenties and running some games for Gen Con this year. I really need a place to crash--any couch, pull-out bed, or honestly even floor would be ideal. I'm willing to pay to help offset costs, but I was very late to think about housing. Since I'm working most of the Con, so I'd appreciate something somewhat close where the events are, but I can make most things work. Feel free to text me (720) 401-6617

Posted by 3rdclass

I have an extra room, I overbooked, Courtyard Marriott Airport - Aug 2-7 - Two (2) Doubles. I'd even lend you my car, if you needed transport. Text me at work, 651-409-9771. It's not downtown, but that may be a tall order.Jeff Riegle, Father/Husband/Gamer/Veteran/Engineer

Posted by larkimpressive

That's cool 3rdclass. Are there still many vacant rooms at now? basket random

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