Looking to fill a bed - Hyatt House Downtown
Posted by smilingbandit2

It's about three blocks east of the convention center according to Google maps - not connected by skybridge, but still extremely close. Double Queen room.

Check-in is Wednesday, Check-out is Sunday. The rate is $331/night including all fees and taxes, so $1324 altogether. I want a bed to myself, so I'll pay for half. The remaining cost for the bed will be $662. I'm fine with one or two people splitting the room with me.

Payment is upfront, no refunds, but I'll eat the cost of PayPal protection fees. Once payment is received, I'll add your name to the guest list.

If you're interested, please reach out to me here, or on the GenCon Discord server.

Posted by katandcat

Still available? I'm interested. Email merlin775 at gmail

Posted by ieshadover

Is bed taken?

Posted by smilingbandit2

At present, the space is filled, but I will reach out if that situation changes.

My apologies for not responding earlier.

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