Looking for crash space!
Posted by xantera

Hi all! This will be my second Gen Con. Last year I had great luck finding a spot at a convention hotel, and I'm hoping to do the same this year. 24 y old female, clean, quiet, and respectful. Tend to wake up around 9 to get gaming and stay up until midnight or possibly later. No drugs or vices, just need a place to sleep when I'm not gaming! 

Need a space Wednesday - Sunday, would prefer skywalk hotel but I'm flexible. Let me know if you're looking to fill a spot! 

Posted by bluemanakitten

Hey! I'm 30 years old afab non-binary, I'm also quiet and and an early riser. I'm personally there for the writer symposium and the other person in the room is purely there for the magic the gathering tournament.

I've got a space exactly like that actually, my hotel is Hyatt Regency and I have it Wednesday to Friday. Discord is the easiest way to reach me CoffeeCleric is my user name but you can email me as well at [email protected].

I hope you have a good night!

Posted by 3rdclass

I have an extra room, I overbooked, Courtyard Marriott Airport - Aug 2-7 - Two (2) Doubles. I'd even lend you my car, if you needed transport. Text me at work, 651-409-9771.Jeff Riegle, Father/Husband/Gamer/Veteran/Engineer

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