Tickets purchased by others causing conflicts.
Posted by chanceafs

Similar to some of the other issues mentioned.  I attempted to get tickets for ANI1688435 ([url=[]Anime Game Shows for Adults! (VIP Seating)[/url]), but was denied because someone on my friends list bought me tickets for something during a conflicting time, against my wishes.  And since their wishlist was processed first there was no option for me to reject their purchase because I wanted to do something else during that time.  Because of this, I missed out on purchasing the VIP seating tickets (despite there being more than 20 remaining when my wishlist processed).  Since that time I've had said friend cancel out his order for me, but the system is STILL showing a conflict and won't even let me purchase the ANI1688437 (General seating) tickets.  

With space and demand for some events being so high, there should be an option to let your personal wishlist take priority over someone's attempt to buy tickets for you.  Because I was screwed over and am continuing to face issues because someone else made a mistake and happened to get higher queue priority when event tickets went live.

Posted by parody

One good reason to not have friends!

Well, you know what I mean. ;)

It's an unfortunate consequence of a system that lets you give permission for others to act for you.  In a way I'm surprised that our group of three (who have gone to Gen Con together for...18 years now?) have not set up friend status for each other in the "new" system just in case someone can't make it to their computer for whatever reason, but so far we haven't needed it.

Posted by chanceafs

Yeah... we were using the scattergun approach to order our True Dungeon run, each of us trying to buy tickets for all so whoever was higher in the queue would get them.   But someone put me in for something else accidently and everything fell apart.

Posted by hawkeye

Ins't that what the "Another Ticket for Me" is for? Most events will let you get a second ticket in your name. I believe that TD events will allow you to get all the tickets in your name.

Posted by parody

That works for True Dungeon (and possibly others), but not in general; most events are limited to 2 tickets per person without using the Friend system.

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