Bug: Housing portal page won't refresh
Posted by draggarg

I booked a room through the housing portal a couple of days ago.  I received the confirmation email and even called the housing center to make sure my room was actually booked.  However, my housing portal page won't refresh.  The housing portal said they had no idea why and it must be a site issue.  The page states

"Refresh this page after you have made your reservation to see your updated status and a button to "View Reservation."

I still have the "Go to Housing Portal" green button instead.  No option to "view reservation" so I am unable to modify or even look at my reservation.  If I click the "Go to Housing Portal" button I get the following error message

"You cannot access an existing Reservation via this method."

Is there a reason that I can't view my reservation?  Or does the system need more time to refresh?  Help please.

Posted by braewe

I had this but the q rooms folks were able to fix it. 

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