Forgot the "[Offering Room]" header on my post in Housing Exchange. Can that be edited?
Posted by aldctjoc

Hello. I flubbed and forgot to follow the rule about starting new topics in Housing Exchange with [Offering Room] (or sharing, or looking, etc.) when I posted. I can't edit the title. Can this be administratively edited to add the "[Offering room]" prefix? 


Posted by braewe

Actually it would be REALLY HANDY to be able to edit the post titles. For instance to change Looking for roomate to Found roomate, or Seeking double double to Wanting to trade King for double double to Got it thanks, or Westin room available! to Westin room transferred!

Posted by roderick

I and the other admins can always edit the heading (or delete posts).

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 

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