Double booked a game?
Posted by marcusthurston

My friend and I both submitted a wish list and we had each other on the game list.   When our wish list went through the system double booked two games we are in.  So we have 8 tickets total and 4 more than we need.  Who do we contact to fix this.  I'd hate to have someone not get into the game.

Thank you,

Posted by marimaccadmin

I'd recommend you email [email protected], but also keep in mind that you can refund tickets to system credit yourself.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by marcusthurston

Yes, but that is $16.00 that i would eat.  I'd rather get a meal for that.

Posted by cinnibar

Me too.  $130 extra spent. *gasp*

Posted by marcusthurston

Ouch, still no response from from customer service.

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