Map upside down?
Posted by drail14me

When I access the website via a mobile app, I’m able to view a map of the convention area. However, the map is upside down? What I mean is that typically, North is at the top of the map and South to the bottom. On the website, South is to the top. For example, Lucas Stadidum is above the convention center on the website map but in actuality, Lucas Oil is South of the convention hall. Is there a reason the online map is this way?

Posted by rong

My guess is it makes it easier to use for the vendor hall, back when people used the maps in the program guide to get around.

Most of the vendor hall entrances are on the north side. If the map had north at the top, you would have to turn it upside down to orient yourself with the main vendor hall entrances.

Posted by drail14me

Guess that makes sense but confusing to us military map minded people. Guess I’ll just turn my phone upside down. LOL

Posted by jedikitty

I won't try to guess why, but it's not just Gen Con that makes their maps this way. Indy PopCon does as well. So they must have their reasonings.

Posted by roderick

Just be glad it's not a Medieval map, that put Jerusalem (East) on top...


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