Organization Purchase vs. Personal Purchase
Posted by danwoodruffjr

Hey all,

The issue I'm having, is I'm the owner of an organization.  That inherit isn't a problem, however I'm unable to buy a personal badge, no matter how I try to change it.  It keeps wanting me to purchase it on behalf of Organization.  Now I cannot get it mailed to me if I buy it through my organization.  Organization purchases are will call only. 

What I want is to be able to buy tickets and my badge through personal means and not through my organization.  

Secondly, do I have to purchase a badge in order to get tickets?  I cannot do it all on one transaction?

Posted by thorne

I have this same issue. I'm the owner of an organization, but I want to buy badges for my wife and son (who are not part of my organization, but are on my friends & family list). How can I do this?

Posted by divachelle

I'd guess that you would want to create an account with your personal email from which to make those types of purchases.

Posted by danwoodruffjr

Alright, so now the option appears to have a cart for organization and personal cart.   However, on the badge selection page I can only add badges to organization cart and not personal cart.

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