Return Ticket button - didn't work
Posted by cdedanann

Last week I attempted to to use the return ticket button on an event because there was a conflicting event that I wanted to get tickets for.  It seemed to work...but the return was never processed.  I thought that since there was money involved, that there may have been a delay in processing, but I see that those event tickets are still in my queue.

Now it is past 6/16 and the return ticket button is no longer an option. I still can't get tickets to the other event because the system won't allow time conflicted event scheduling.

Can anything be done??


Posted by buffythecatslayer

Yesterday was the last day to return tickets until the Con starts on Wednesday, 7/31.

Posted by cdedanann

So, there is nothing that can be done about the process not working during the time it was suppose to work.  Got it.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Maybe Customer Service can help, but you should have made sure the return was processed successfully.

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