Tiny event db suggestions for the future
Posted by kellishaver

The UI for searching events has certainly improved over the past few years, so thanks for that! I think there are a couple more small filters that could be added that would help a lot.

- event duration (either filter or sort by the existing column in the UI)
- cost (either filter or sort by the existing column in the UI)
- date added (useful for finding new events)

Also, there are so many escape rooms now, it would be nice to have a specific category for them, rather than having them consume so much of the isle of misfit events.

Thanks for all the work you all put into this. :)

Posted by brooks

I agree on the number of escape rooms... it's difficult to sort through all of them in that category. I also agree on event durations; a lot of times you're simply looking for an hour or two event to plug a hole in your schedule and there's endless scrolling through 4 - 6 hour ones. Finally the catalog is definitely improving and I second the appreciation for the work. 

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