Any plans to fix this forum's spam problem?
Posted by austicke

Five spam comments added to the forum so far today. None have been removed yet, but are there any plans to improve the forum software so the spammers are stopped before they post?

Posted by austicke

Plenty of additional spam comments added in the last couple day, including five more so far today.

Posted by traveller

I find it refreshing in these times, with all the fighting and chaos.  So many things going wrong, so much back and forth.

The one true constant has been the fact that these spam bot programmers think anyone would want their crap.

Its the simple things in life you treasure

Posted by quarex

The solution is to load unread posts, know that the four bumped threads in a row with posts made by an account with a random real name are all Spam, then read the other posts!

Posted by roderick

Until they can get a Captcha that says "I am not a Spammer", the design of the system allows spam. Just know that Mike and I are always on the lookout for spam, and play whack-a-mole with banning spammer accounts. But we're not on 24/7 - we both have lives, so spam might hang around for a few (or many) hours. 

Roderick (unofficially)

Posted by jimmythesaint

Offering my services as forum spam deleter. Today's hit was a bit much. 

Posted by qwaserity

The General Questions forum got overwhelmed today. The postings are NSFW. Who buys this stuff? Even if I was in the market for adult items I doubt I buy from the folks advertising on the Gen Con forums.

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