Thread navigation link issue - clicking on "Forums" does not properly return you to the main forum page
Posted by aldctjoc

Hello. There's an odd issue I've noticed. Start with the screenshot below (sorry it's so big!): 

If you hover over the "Forums" link (the yellow arrow), you see that the URL it goes to (the blue arrow) is not the root level link. It instead is the very thread you're currently in. If you click on it, you remain within that thread, you don't get taken out to the forum's landing page.

This happens in any thread I've visited. It's also happening across different browsers on even different computers (tested Chrome, Edge, and Firefox). Two computers I tested on belong to work, and I don't control Windows or browser settings on them. 

This only happens when you're all the way in a thread looking at posts. If you back down even just one level - such as the "GENERAL INFO 2024" navigation link in the screenshot - and after that click on "Forums", things work like they're supposed to. 

The bottom line is that there's a small issue with the navigation links at the top of each thread. The "Forums" link does not go to the root level page, it instead stays within the thread you're viewing. 

Is that sufficient description to demonstrate the issue? I could try to record a video and upload that somewhere if that'll help more. I'll just need some time to accomplish that if it's needed. Just let me know. 

Posted by quarex

I just noticed this same issue, if you wanted support!  :) 

Posted by aldctjoc

Hey, thanks for the support! :D

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