"Remember Me" has Alzheimer's
Posted by dballing

Every time I come to the site, I have to re-login, even though I check the "Remember Me" box. It looks like there's a lot of cookies being set are set to expire "when the browser closes" (including the session cookie).

Is anyone working on fixing this some time soon? 

Posted by greg

This has been fixed.

Posted by dballing greg

greg wrote:
This has been fixed.


But I'll assume that means that from this point forward I shouldn't experience it ever again. :-P

Posted by lanefan

It remembered me today for the first time in ages...maybe there's hope yet. :)

Posted by bushmaster

Wait, who are you again?

Posted by dballing bushmaster

bushmaster wrote:
Wait, who are you again?

Depending on who you ask, "The Antichrist" might be the response. :-D

Posted by garhkal

It seems that's now fixed!!  Yay!

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