I tossed this idea out in the Housing forum and one poster suggested that perhaps you all might create a subforum for this idea.

Basically, a subforum where folks in the 'Outer Rim' hotels (call it whatever you'd like, I just liked that term myself when I saw another poster use it) can post something with a title like:

"Gaming at X Hotel (near airport) on Thursday night at 9pm"

Whoever makes the post will give some details, the hotel name and address for one, and especially whether he/she has contacted hotel management to get permission and perhaps reserved a conference room or the like for that night.  What sort of games folks might want to play, etc.

Just seems like a good way for those who didn't get downtown housing to come together, easily finding those who booked the same 'Outer Rim' hotel for the nights they're attending to game together if they don't intend to stay all night downtown.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this sort of request!