How do we report problems to Q-rooms? Portal's map view throwing javascript errors
Posted by aldctjoc

Hello. Is there a way to report a problem to Q-rooms? The portal is having a problem: When trying to use the map view and zoom in, you get the following error:

"Oops! Something went wrong.
This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details."

This happens regardless of whether I enter the map view by clicking the "browse all hotels on map" button, or by doing a search then switching over. Once I start to zoom, I get the error.

I tested this on two different browsers - Chrome, then Internet Explorer on Windows - then repeated the test on a different computer (my work workstation... shhh! about doing that at work! :D). I then repeated this on my Android phone. It happened across all platforms. 

That's just the start of troubleshooting the app. Perhaps it's a bit overloaded by people hoping to find a room become free (I admit, I've been all over the portal myself the past couple of days). Regardless, I figured this should be passed along to Q-rooms. How should that be done?

Posted by aldctjoc

Oh, additional note: This doesn't stop anyone from using the portal's list view. It seems to strictly be a map view issue.

Posted by aldctjoc

<strikethrough>Please close; problem is resolved, symptom is no longer present. Thank you mods for all you did to tell Q-rooms.

If you didn't have time to do anything yet: Just nod your heads, say "You're welcome", and I'll play along. ;) </strikethrough>

EDIT: I spoke too soon; the problem has reoccurred. I'm now seeing it even in a Citrix web delivered instance of Chrome (work has a virtualized application server), which I know is a clean build and a browser that doesn't have tons of add-ons or anything else. 

Worse yet, the javascript console is telling me this:

"You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API. To request more than 25,000 map loads per day, you must use an API key and enable billing:"

Yeah, this really needs to get to Q-rooms. I'm looking for a support contact now.

Posted by dtveraas

Hello aldctjoc, 

Q-rooms contact info:

Phone: (317) 688-1323
Email: [email protected]

I'll alert them that this is a problem and track the issue as well. 

Posted by aldctjoc

Excellent, thanks! I'll report to them when I get back home.

Are you able to replicate the problem? I really believe it's not just me, but it's always good to double check.

Posted by aldctjoc

Well, hey, the problem is gone, before I could even contact them. That ends that... I hope... ;)

Posted by dtveraas

Yes, I've been able to replicate the issue. Q-rooms knows about it and is working the problem with passkey. It seems to happen on and off, but they are looking at ways to fix this for good. 

Posted by aldctjoc

Heh... according to Google's message, the way to fix it for good is to pay them for an API key. I'm not sure Q-rooms would want to play that way, and I wouldn't blame 'em. 

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