Friends and Family List Not Working, Unable to register for event
Posted by roixe23

Hopefully somebody here can shed a little light on this.

I'm attending as an exhibitor, but posting from my personal account. I am trying to get tickets for an event, and what I want to do is get tickets for every one of my people attending so we can go as a group. But it looks like they need to be on my personal friends list for that to be possible (of course, they already have badges assigned under the company, but the event registration seems to only be possible through personal accounts).

So, I sent them all requests via email by adding their email addresses, under my personal account. At least two of them responded... except the site doesn't recognize that. I still see "not yet responded" on their invite when I look at my list. It's been hours. Is the site just super slow at recognizing it, or is this function fundamentally broken?

I WOULD attempt to buy tickets using the "another ticket for me" option, but it only gives me 3 of those, leaving me one short of how many I need.

Very frustrated by this, so if anyone could point me in the right direction to get this operational, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I don't get it sorted out, we'll miss out on it, and I've been looking forward to it quite a bit.

Posted by peterpacheco

I'm having a similar issue where I am buying a badge for a friend. I sent the friend request and they responded but they are still not on my friends list

Posted by austicke

You may want to email Customer Service if it's still working.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

Posted by coximus

This is the exact issue I am having.  I sent the email requests, they got them, they accepted, and my account still says they havent responded yet.  What can I do?  I can't buy the badges until they show up.  Afraid its gonna sell out again and I will miss it again.

Posted by roderick

Send a note to [email protected]

Roderick Robertson
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Gen Con, LLC. 

Posted by narzat

Within our group of 9 attendees, we have had friend issues between 5 of them over the past two days.  People who were already mutual friends suddenly no longer appeared on friend lists, or only were on one list rather than mutual friends.  Multiple deletions and readds were necessary to finally get them restored to mutual friend status.  These were not cases of user error, all these folks are experienced Gen Con attendees, most with deep computer expertise.  There seems to be something buggy in the friends and family process.


Posted by roderick

You need to let Gen Con know directly. Start with [email protected], they'll probably be your first "helpline", asking you to detail what you noticed, what platform and browser you're on, etc. If they can't solve it, they'll pass the problem up the pipe. 

You might to wait a day, though - today they'll be busy with other matters...

Roderick Robertson
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Gen Con, LLC. 


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